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Flipping class!

How to test if your class is front loading or doing your ‘flipped homework’. Set the work the day before. Check how many have done the review work.  Send those that have not outside. Line them up and get them to view the activity That is going on inside your class. Step back inside and ask a few questions and watch the excitement and the energy from those that have ‘ frontloaded’. Then step outside again and ask the waifs outside the class how they feel. Typical responses were: out in the cold; left out; what’s going on in there?

Get them all together again and reinforce the need to review the work before the lesson. Give them 10 minutes to dowload the work and read through. Continue with lesson. I will do this a couple of times to give a visual reinforcement of the new way of approaching their learning. Homework is now reviewing and front loading. 


One thought on “Flipping class!

  1. Tried this flipping or front loading again. Only four students had not done the work. I felt quite sorry for them because those that had reviewed the work sounded so knowledgable and actually wanted to show off. There were gaps in their knowledge of course, but we workshopped ideas and it was exciting to see so many students wanting to contribute their ideas. They felt empowered!

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