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Flipping class again!

I have been trying to retrain my students into the mindset that you can review the work before the lesson as opposed to reinforcing the knowledge after the lesson. I have got to the point that they do get the concept of flipping classrooms. They do get the idea of front loading as opposed to conventional homework. They like the idea of reviewing and having prior knowledge.

However I put the pressure on today to see who had really done the flipped homework. It was very funny to see them squirm under the pressure, but those that thought they had done the work quite obviously had not. But interestingly, besides the very studious girls who predictably had done the work, the boys who I would not have expected to have done the work were like cats on hot tin roofs desperate to tell me what they had viewed!! Why has flipped work struck a cord with them? I will keep probing this idea.

The way I put pressure on them was to make them all stand behind their desks, those that had done the flipped homework could sit down. Then I started firing questions at the seated kids. Short, sharp, rapid fire questions!! The gaps were immediately obvious but so too were the prepared students.
My point, it takes time to retrain years of conventional teaching and learning. Work in progress!


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