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Flipping students!

I started my flipped approach with my year 9 BYOD students in a casual way, using lollies as the incentive. Never underestimate the value of the humble lolly! But now I have stepped it up a gear. I formalized the flipped approach by putting my test on line four days before the students wrote the test. I created the short video using Educreations where I explained the topic, gave a possible essay plan and also listed the rules they should follow. I suggested that the students that had done the flipped approach could bring a possible essay plan to class as well as some research. Half of them did do the flipping, half not. Those that were prepared were very smug and would not share anything with the rest of the class. They finished the essay in the time allowed and felt confident with their work. The biggest struggle will be reprogramming the idea that they must wait for the teacher to feed them knowledge. Flipping means that the students are empowered and can come to class with prep rather than wait like sponges for pearls of wisdom.


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