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Today’s 1:1 lesson

I am amazed at how lessons morph and change when you have 1:1 devices in the classroom. Today I started with a poem which we analysed. We then went onto educreations and found an image/photo relating to the poem. They added 10 adjectives relating to the photo. They then added a new screen and took three of the adjectives to put into sentences which related back to the poem. All good so far. Then I had a morph experience where I said they needed to take the three sentences and make them look like a poem. Not for marks. Just add a simile, or enjambment, or rhyme. I was blown away with the results!! Poems emerged out of nothing. Boys writing poetry. Check! Boys getting the work done. Check! Girls soon to follow. Check! Just amazing!! Next will be them adding a recording of their poem.


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