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More of my views on flipping the classroom

There is so much speculation about flipping the classroom. The popular definition that it is only when students prep for lessons using short videos is, I believe, flawed. In addition, thinking that every lesson needs to be run this way is also flawed. Variety is important. Engaging students is also important. Changing preconceived ideas in students’ minds is part of the mix. My recent flipping has been enjoyable. I did not only use videos, but got students to prep poetry terms using a Keynote presentation. In class, instead of revising all terms, I just had to reinforce the more tricky, sophisticated terms. The terms we normally never had time to get to. We did peer teaching and a few fun activities to check understanding. They then needed to write a common test. The results were very pleasing! Next I flipped a Shakespearean sonnet( to year 9 students) All they needed to do was look for characteristics like 10 syllables per line and so on. I was amazed at how many characteristics they found. We then teased out the meaning of the sonnet. A thoroughly enlightening lesson! Lastly I challenged them to write their own sonnets and the end result was great. I showed a colleague some work and the comment was “Is this your top set?”. The answer is no. They are a real mixed ability bunch. I really think flipping works, as part of our usual arsenal in the battle to engage and educate our students.


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