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Flipping revision time!

Three weeks before formal exams begin for our BYOD year 9s. When I confirmed that they had to hand write their exams one of my students said ” What a con!” I think he has enjoyed working on his iPad?! And he has made such progress. But as for revision, after flipping the class for the last term, I can’t go back to chalk and talk. So revision will be prepping the details before class, with tasks done in class. Collaboration within groups. To reflect, they will use BRAINSCAPE. Create flash cards in pairs to test each other. Either use the Brainscape app or create on laptop at The great thing is that either way, once you have an account, all work synchs automatically between laptop and iPad. I am looking forward to revision for a change. I loaded all of my work on our LMS in the holidays and one of my students has already completed it all. In future I might hold off on posting work on line in the holidays?!


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