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Flipping the class and BYOD allows for differentiated class.

Revision of essay for exam done differently this term. As we are still doing paper based exams, I got them to hand write their essays. This is only the fourth time this year they have hand written a task for me. Guess what? They have not forgotten how to write!! Many people worry about this with the use of iPad. The worry is over. I gave my year 9s a week to prep the Educreations essay in preparation for a test. After I had marked the essays, it was clear that I had three groups of students:
1. Those that had done the prep and only had a few corrections before moving on to some unfamiliar text work.



2. Those that had not done the prep, but had the right content. All they needed to do was prep the structure. I put them into a separate group to work through the Educreations.


3. That left me with a small group that needed my help. I could go through the essay at their pace and help them with a step by step approach.



The three groups worked with focus and were so determined to succeed. I’m loving this flipped approach because I feel I am targeting those that need my help, without wasting the time of those students that know what to do.

It does take them out of their comfort zone. One boy said that he didn’t like this work. When I asked him why he said: “Because you are making me think.” Oh good! After exams we’ll go onto some claymation and create iMovies


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