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End of term fun PBL

After all the exam fuss, it was great to get my class going on a stop motion PBL. I put the instructions and timeline into an Explain Everything presentation. This was a flipped lesson as the students needed to gather various bits and bobs for the project. We watched Fantastic Mr Fox to see what good stop-motion animation looks like. They could then work through a Keynote with hyperlinks to claymation and examples to look at. Most of the students used the free app iMotion to create the animated movie.

Make sure that “onion skin” is switched on in settings. This means that they can see where the previous shot was taken. Stop motion is time consuming. For a minute or so of film, it takes in excess of 250 shots!


So the steps are: prep stop motion and claymation using an app like Explain Everything . Watch a stop motion film. Storyboard your ideas in your group. Build the set ( in a box which you later keep the clay puppets in). Create your puppets. We used clay and some props. Then start the animation using iMotion. When it is done, upload to iMovie to add music and sound effects.

Some of the puppets were very intricate while others were big and bold. Good attention to setting (background) made for a better product.


Is was amazing to see all of my students on task and enjoying the journey of creating stop motion animated movies. I think they have a greater understanding of the intricacies involved in both claymation and stop motion animation. Good job.


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