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Reflections after Orewa College’s 2nd BYOD conference

Orewa College held its second conference this past week. Lots of work by all those on the team.




By all accounts the presenters were well received and shared their experiences one year on, the focus being how teaching has changed with the introduction of BYOD. I led four sessions on Pastoral findings. My focus was discipline in my own class, in form lessons and as dean of 320 students. It was good to share and hear from teachers from across the country. My presentation, along with presentations from most of my colleagues, are on this link.

On Saturday I led the Flipped Classroom sessions. I really enjoyed these as both groups were responsive and happy to try new approaches to teaching and learning. My main focus was the use of Explain Everything. Most delegates jumped onto the EE app and started experimenting. All you need is Expalin Everything, a gmail account and a YouTube channel. This is a link to an essay structure that I created using this handy app. I have marked my ‘flipped essays’ and I am SO excited with the results! Trust that flipping works and give it a go!!





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