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USA visit to four schools



All classrooms have Apple TV.
iPad social: invite teachers to have a drink, cheese and dips…and discuss iPad.


  • NUEVA:

iBook: From Fear to Facebook. Might be worth downloading.
When teachers take a new direction, as long as they show and share with other teachers, it’s a good thing.
Let things develop organically
Techies go to classroom that needs help as a priority.
Always have plan B
CCC:Computer Cellphone Curfew: one hour before bed time. Get parents to share times with each others in friend groupings and enforce curfew.

Design thinking project: must come from a need( bit different to PBL)
Deep dive: students use experts and research: Learn all you can and report back to class. Come back with questions to delve into.
Teach analytical, critical etc plus creativity. Start with brain storm:
1. Need-finding through empathy: everything created was conceived out of a need. Eg Band aid.
2. Demystify creative process: lots of people say they are not creative. Creativity cannot be planned. Be diverse. Stop judging, be creative. First idea is not always your best idea.
3. Students need to know their ‘go to’ method. eg I get my best ideas when running.
Most innovation does not come from a light bulb moment. Individual brainstorming works better than group brainstorming. Give time for this. Not necessarily at a desk…get comfortable. Then build on brainstorm. Share favourite idea in groups and build on the idea. And so it continues. Then wildest idea and build on that.

*when in group you feel more creative, but that is not supported by research.
Google Berkley method

4. Need new attitude to failure. If the idea seems not to work. Analyse why and redouble efforts to change this.

Don’t assess very much. Ask what part was the hardest, that’ll be where the most learning has taken place. Look mostly for fluency of their idea. Break the chain between drawing and creativity. Do self assessment.

Finally: How might we…?



Middle school is entirely PBL. Biggest challenge is bringing PBL into high school. Dabbling with flipping. Have different scents throughout the school. Got no books in the library! Students take ownership of learning and teachers are facilitators. Have fun everyday. Learn every day.

PE: use HUDL can send video out to class/ team. Can put professional players or video of your own team to break down the play.
Coach’s eye.

App programming: uses free software called Alice.
Xirrus: company that they use. No modems, disc with multiple radios in them.
Ed tech: works better when the person had teaching as background and then tech.
Bandwidth is 250 up 250 down.
Have 30+ servers
Tom, Steve and 3 teachers are coming to NZ. Last week of June

Do 3 conferences a year. Taking it on the road. Do it free. Give iPad 1s away to neighboring schools.
Librarian is part of the iPad team.
Music: Soundnote very simple to use.Rejected GarageBand because it has too many layers.
And music Can buy music, choose note to print out. Can get the app for free, synchs to iPad, can then choose ANY key. Transposes in any key at no extra cost. being used by Idol, The Voice etc. music, sheet music, recordings, metronom, write on sheet music and send to teacher. Free! App goes with it. Can upload own music there and share. This teacher was very passionate about this software.

English class. Ongoing journal is called think tank. Work in Notability. Teacher works on edublogs. My Reflection on learning. Made poetry book in Bookpress. Google Docs for book review. In pairs, have character from similar books have a conversation. Chain poem. Use Keynote to create graphic organizers.

Biology: eclicker pop quiz.

Screen share through Apple TV.

SP Controls: companyVPN Control: when one computer takes control of another computer. Can play flash video through computer to iPad, by way of example.
Doceri: ppt is core information. Writes on his iPad / slides. Annotations while teaching using ppt. No longer turns his back on students while he writes. Can walk up to students, get them to answer and write their answer up. Keep the ppt skeletal, they need to add information and keep engaged. Can annotate on video when you have paused it. Can save the annotations, voice record, load on YouTube… Audio overlay. Need to link computer, iPad, screen/TV. Cursory notes keep their attention.

Students use Explain Everything to create mini lessons to teach each other
Teachers use Doceri to teach

Swivel: records everything the teacher does: camera follows you.

Students point of view: popplet good for organising ideas
Soundnote is the way music teacher listens and takes notes. Can record and type.
Again: notability is fav app
Use calendar for due dates.

Library and library staff NB!!




Idea paint: creates a white board. Brilliant! Takes it a week to dry. Can turn the whole wall into a white board.
Rosetta Stone used fro Spanish

Maths app: HMH Dr Burger
Geometry theory done before class, problems done in class time.
That for quizzes
Pen and paper

Splash board whiteboard.
Tricaster to do TV broadcasts
3D printer for animation course

Stitch is good for templates with music, can add pics

Space experiments: used 3d printer to make some parts . Create a micro experiment, put it in a box and send it to space. Not sure of all the technical terms! go to the middle school link to see their iPad programme.

One-to- one good for resources

Filter: can block some apps like Snapchat, but not all apps. Palo alto



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  1. Great notes! I can’t wait to discuss all these ideas in detail with you when you get back!

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