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Total rejection of paper! Quite astounding.

I started a short story study with my year 10s on Wednesday. I am using The Veld by Ray Bradbury and, having taught it for the past four years, I was quite excited as it is always well received. I started with some background info and then moved to a YouTube clip to show them what is meant by an African veld. Battle at Kruger


I had updated my work from previous years so that students could work at their own pace. I added visuals and optional apps to extend their experience.



However, my learning curve starts here!

Good story choice. Check. Updated tasks. Check. Paper version of the story…

I handed out my recycled paper version of the story. BIG MISTAKE! My polite students stayed on task. My marginal students who, up until now I have managed and engaged, exhibited old school body language. Lying on desks!!


Plan B I had to make a change. I took the same story but put a digital link on our LMS. When my students walked in I said that we would continue with the story but I said that I had battled to read the fine print on the printed page, they needed to open the link and read with me on their iPads. BIG CHANGE!! HUGE! They were back on track and fully engaged. Same short story. Same reader(me). Different response. Ditch the paper and get a completely different response!

The Veld


Today’s lesson was so much more enjoyable. Same story. Different platform. Engagement is back!


5 thoughts on “Total rejection of paper! Quite astounding.

  1. So true! I do it myself, i’ve had some paper readings sitting around for 3 weeks and I can’t bring myself to read them yet I read links from twitter without thinking about it. What’s happening to us?!

  2. Way to go Linda. I took great delight in being able to make my class download the digital version of the story. I have done the same with the second story they are to read. The students are far more engaged it it is on their devices.

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