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My ideas for next year

1. Help students set up WordPress as the ‘go to’ place for all English work. They should have separate pages for other subjects. Years 9-11 should have one blog for all subjects.

2. Ensure that they have a YouTube channel so that they can link iMovies and other media that they have created to their blog.

3. No more emailing or iMessage. All responses should be on their blog.

4. Blogs have dates so PBL should be easier to monitor because we can see what work was done, and when it was done.

5. Easy link to use Twitter to share blogs with class mates and family. Optional as some parents are wary about Twitter. Could just follow each others’ blogs.

6. Wide reading is always contentious. Do this as an in-class activity? In one term rather than over three terms? Not sure about this.

7. Need some PD time to collaborate with my colleagues.


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