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BYOD cold feet? Fear not!

I recently received a Special Ed report about a student who has learning difficulties, including dyslexia. This student is quite open about these problems so I felt compelled to share the student’s success. At the beginning of the year, the student was apprehensive and quite needy, but really diligent about following instructions. So if I had posted a YouTube clip, this student would systematically pause and rewind until mastering the concept.

example of essay help

I have found that this student has relied increasingly on the posted videos and resources and less on me. Working at their own pace has meant that this student has reached a level of success I never thought possible. The confidence gained is immeasurable. Imagine going from the one always left behind, or needing one-to-one help. To doing it on your own, with a little help from technology. Priceless.


This is a small sample of the student’s detailed response to an essay question.

Another YouTube example used by this student

Small successes like this make this programme worthwhile.


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