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Exam reflection

1. Two years into BYOD the big question everyone asks us is if we have noticed an improvement in grades. The answer is not a simple one. On the plus side, the students are writing far more detailed responses than in previous years. Our English HoD remarked that she was amazed at the length of the essays by comparison to previous years.
2. We have also found that the structure of the essays is far better. Just about every student was able to meaningfully paragraph their work.
3. Did they all get to the achieved level? No. The biggest reason for not achieving was that students did not address the question directly. They learnt stock responses and tried to make these fit in the exams, instead of writing a new essay based on what they know, linked to the question.
4. The way forward: My aim is to get my students to feel confident about their skill in writing essays, understand that they have a firm grip on the content, but to have the flexibility to adapt this knowledge to a fresh, new exam question.
5. Are the exam essay responses better this year after largely using technology for two years? I think they are, particularly in the amount of detail added in the handwritten responses, and the publishable structure.


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