10 reasons why students should blog

1. Centralises work. No longer need to go through a number of avenues to submit media rich work. Best is that links are live so work is constantly updated.
2. Digital portfolio is available as students progress through NCEA years. Many subjects build on assessments done in previous years.
3. Allows for cross curricular work.
4. Work is available globally. So if a student leaves the school, or even the country, work is still available in its published state.
5. If a device is lost, stolen, broken, work is not lost. Blogs can be accessed from any device. Anywhere.
5. Transparency : work is available for both teachers and parents to view and comment on.
6. Time and date stamped. This is vital for some assessments where the criteria states that work must be done under supervision. Students may do gathering tasks out of class time, but not applying tasks. The time and date stamp helps teachers and students keep track of this.
7. Setting up separate categories can be tricky for some. Continual use as a blog site is however easy.
8. Treat blogs similarly to Facebook. Do you post every thought, photo, experience in your life on FB? No. You showcase important ideas and experiences. Do you only and exclusively use FB? No. You use many sites in addition to FB. Blogging should be no different. Work in your chosen way. But publish to your blog.
9. When applying for part time work, students say they are “hard working and diligent” or “passionate about…” What better way to give evidence than through a link to a blog? It is the way journalists worldwide are working.
10. Allows for an authentic online presence.

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