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Blogs. Selfies. Instagram. Generation Narcissist.

Our students are asked to do writing all the time in our English classes. Blogs, essays, creative writing. But when last did we their teachers write anything? The last blog you wrote counts. The last model essay you put together counts. How about your last Twitter rant or Facebook post? Surely that counts as personal writing? I think it is important for students to see us modeling work and enjoying the process! I happened to mention that I had a second article published by Fractus Learning.

Blogs. Instagram. Selfies. Generation Narcissist.

I was really surprised by their reaction, particularly one of my reserved students. She loves writing and does a lot of it in her own time. I think in that moment I became worthy or authentic in her eyes. Whatever it was she blurted out, ” Send me a copy miss. Writing is what I do, I’ll check it out.” We were all so surprised by her vocal response. Her excitement reminded me that we as teachers need to model our expectations as this encourages our students.


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