Differentiating a college classroom

I started my lesson reminding my students that they should take responsibility for their learning. They know what works best for them, they need to communicate that to me so that we can get the best out of them.

1.One student said he learns best when I tell him what to do. I said it didn’t work that way but the point he made is a common one. He feels comfortable with the old style of teacher-led lessons…particularly with NCEA exams looming. So I started him off with a skeleton plan. But look what happened. These guys took over and I took a step back. And smiled.


2. Then as I wandered around the classroom I listened to what was being said. Some were collaborating and listening to the Explain Everything video I had posted for them.

Relaxed yet productive.

3. Next was this group who were not sharing ideas. They felt they had so much information, they were streamlining and consolidating ideas. Working largely independently of each other.


4. As I went around asking for evidence of what they were doing, I saw students on task. Just not the same task. Deeply engrossed in their higher level thinking. Sharing ideas and themes to prompt work. Even some jokers in the back row, posing for a photo.


Gratefully, as I wandered around looking, listening, recording, most did ask me questions. They engaged in real discussions as opposed to ones held solely on Google Docs. So I’m not totally redundant, but I do have a sense that I have some independent learners.

Parting question: “So why you taking photos miss?”
“For my blog…of course!”

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