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Specific 2015 School Wide Goals

Results for students equal or exceed all decile 9 schools.  This includes National Standards and NCEA results by gender, ethnicity and Merit and Excellence.

Results for NCEA, Merits, Excellence, National Standards.

Specific timetables data analysis meetings each fortnight with clear next step responsibilities.

Teachers actively reflect on their professional practice with the use of data, feedback and inquiry.

Professional Development contract, for Teaching as Inquiry, Registered Teacher criteria, appraisal and their linkages, Jan Hill to lead.

Tutorials and independent learning options, which are monitored, are available for students.

Mentoring for senior students, to be evaluated with feedback from teachers and students.

ART (MoE promoted programme) planning for pathways for at risk students from Year 10 Middle School Graduation onwards with a special focus on NCEA VP Year 12.

Student blogs / reflection record of student work.

Teachers actively and regularly reflect on how their own practice improves student learning, through their approved department inquiry, and maximising digital resources.

Inquiry record, blog, student evaluations, teacher appraisal, TRC evidence portfolio.  Electronic resources are readily available in a logical and ordered way on the school’s LMS.

Professional Development to support staff skills, with peer and SCT input.

Department meetings have this as PD focus, as do appraisals and classroom observations.  Students’ evaluations designed to support this.

Each teacher has a SAMR goal set in first appraisal meeting.

New teacher programme prioritises this.

HoDs/TiCs monitor in own area of responsibility.

Curriculum teachers review each student’s blog once per term.


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