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The P Word

Yes, I’m talking about PUNCTUATION. That little loved punctuation lesson that gets English teachers hot under the collar. i love apostrophe’s. Aargh! Capital letter for I. And don’t add an apostrophe every time you see an s at the end of a word. “Don’t get me started on direct speech!” she screeched. 

Love it or hate it, punctuation has to be correct. Right? So I’ve started a crusade. One YouTube video at a time. This week it’s the lowly capital letter. Next week we move to the lofty apostrophe. Onwards and upwards through all the punctuation rules. Hopefully by flipping the information and following up with Kahoots, we’ll win the punctuation battle! Or is it ?,./():;

So the crusade continues. The lofty apostrophe has been sent into a number of homes across the city disguised as a YouTube video. Woe betide the student who misplaces this sneaky little punctuation mark. 


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