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Fun and laughter as we learn: Term 2 PD at OC

We have had a productive time in our PD sessions this term. The greatest value I have found is in the cross curricular discussions. We have shared and collaborated and had fun along the way. Our focus has been on:

1. Blogging. This is used by our students and our teachers. The gem is that you can add video directly from your camera roll, cutting out YouTube. We also looked at easy ways to embed presentations

2. We looked at Explain Everything and the multitude of ways to use this brilliant app 

3. My colleague Christine Wells helped teachers to develop a matrix to give students ownership of their learning path

4. Another colleague Korrina Kracknell helped us with Kamar and the powerful tools which help with data analysis 

5. Pearl Trees, Kahoots, Avatars, Talking Avatars and Video Star have featured strongly as possible apps or websites to enhance student work and engagement, as well as enjoyment

I include the following short video as a note to self to always allow students to learn through laughter. We all had a good laugh, and then my class started adding their own Video Star to the adverts they are creating. 


4 thoughts on “Fun and laughter as we learn: Term 2 PD at OC

  1. It’s been a great term and it’s awesome to see more and more staff feeling empowered to use technology to enhance their teaching and the kid’s learning. Can’t wait for Term 3 PD!

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