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Reflections on our department TAI

I admit it. In the past I have put learning intentions and success criteria up on the board in case I have a five minute walk through. But since this is part of our TAI I have had a change of heart. I have tried two approaches:

1. I have put the ‘next steps’ in quite a bit of detail, along with different colors, arrows and pictures. This seemed fine and grabbed their attention, but that was about all.

2. Next I put the LI and SC as a numbered sequence. Depending on the class I allowed flexibility surrounding the steps. This is purely anecdotal, but what I found was that many of my senior boys followed the steps as I had them on the board. For the final internal assessment, using this approach, not only did they all finish and submit, they all finished ahead of schedule. And they all passed.

That might be due to the time of year (they feel the need for credits) Or the nature of the standard. But I know certainly for some, they liked the step by step approach to learning intentions and success criteria.


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