July is the time when ADEs get together to share, collaborate and inspire each other. And to be inspired by the ADE programme. I feel privileged to have been to institutes since 2015. We all predicted that 2020 was going to be a bumper year given that the ADE programme is in its 25th year. And then Covid_19 struck and we thought that July would pass by uncharacteristically quietly. But then Festival of Learning was launched. The massive difference was that the workshops were online, open to the public, and the programme ran for a lot longer than usual, from 6 – 31 July.

Product Spotlight: In these sessions we heard from product managers who shared highlights of what is new in many of our most used apps.

Regional workshops run by Apple: Informal workshops offered by Apple teams around the world.

ADE Sessions: Workshops, discussions, or presentations on topics that are important to us.

Creativity Challenges: Weekly Creativity Challenges to share inspiration across social media.

Wellness: Through these fitness challenges, like ADEs on the Move, we were encouraged to take care of each other through a series of activities to connect socially, clear our minds, recharge our bodies, and prepare for the journey ahead.

ADEs on the MOVE 2020

I was one of the 188 ADEs on the Move. It reminded me of the last time we ran for the same cause, and that was in Texas. The biggest difference, besides us not being together, was the temperature. In Texas we set off before 6am to beat the heat. That’s me in this photo collage: bottom row, eighth from the left. Beanie, scarf and gloves says it all.


I hosted two sessions. This is a reflection on the first session, which was called Sketchnoting with Keynote. Here is a summarised video version:

I love sketchnoting as a reflective tool, as a way to increase concentration and a way to get to the kernel of an idea. How awesome to be able to share these thoughts with a truly global audience. We had people from NSW, Australia; Monterey; California; Hong Kong; Mississippi; Stanford; South Texas; Vancouver; Arizona and New Mexico. And a few that I didn’t quite get their location. But the point is, here I was, sitting in Auckland, New Zealand feeling very connected. And that is at the heart of the ADE programme: teachers and educators crossing boundaries, borders and barriers in order to share ideas and inspire each other.

Would I do something more interactive next time? Possibly. But sometimes it is good to just plant a seed, and watch it grow. Through this session I have connected with people that I ordinarily would not have. And if it means that we have a few more teachers and students sketchnoting their ideas, it has been a success. Thank you to the ADE team for virtually bringing us together.

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