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Protected: Appraisal Summary Report: 2018

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Appraisal summary report


Appraisee name
: Linda Rubens

Appraiser name
: Meryl Howell

Registered Teachers Criteria (RTC):

With reference to the evidence and discussion between appraisee and appraiser all RTC have been met.

With reference to the evidence and discussion between appraisee and appraiser the following RTC have not been evidenced:         


Please complete the “RTC mapping exercise” before the final appraisal interview and bring this to the meeting to help complete the information above.

Areas for Future Development and next steps:

Specific Actions to address this RTC next year

 Areas of Strength:

Comment on how/why this RTC was an area of strength this year


Appraisee: ___________________

Appraiser: __________________________

Date: ________________

Principal: ______________________ 

Date: _________________


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RTC mapping of the evidence

RTC Mapping of the Evidence


The 12 registered teachers’ criteria are listed below. In the column headings write down the areas of your professional practice that should provide relevant evidence for the appropriate criterion. Use the TRC handbook for full detail of the criteria and examples of evidence for each.

This exercise should be completed at the start of the year, a few times during the year and just before the final appraisal meeting with your appraiser.

evidence Student achievement TAI




Professional Development (PLD Student Evaluations Observations
1. Professional Relationships  X  X  X  X X
2. Well-Being of Akonga X  X  X  X  X  X
3. Bicultural Partnership
4. Professional Development  X  X  X  X
5. Leadership (unit holders)  X  X  X
6. Learning Programmes  X  X  X  X
7. Learning Environment  X  X  X X
8. How Akonga Learn  X  X  X
9. Inclusive Teaching  X  X  X  X  X
10. Bicultural NZ  X  X  X
11. Assessment Information  X  X  X
12. Critical Inquiry X  X


Complete the self-assessment exercise attached for the registered teachers’ criteria to see which criterion you may need to focus on this year and look at PLD opportunities.