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Flipped coursework

This is the second year where I have expected students to access my work on line and be prepared for lessons. Most of the work has been at the ‘gathering’ stage and has been in the form of videos that I have made. This has been interspersed with PBL and student led lessons. All within the framework that I have set up. To make this easier for students to see the bigger picture, I have created iBooks of the year’s course work. The best spin off that I have found is more time to set up relationships with students. When they are working at their pace, I am able to work along side of them, guiding and coaching when necessary.

 Here is a comparison of each internal over the last two years. I think it is fair to say that the new pedagogical approaches has not hindered their progress. Anecdotally I’d say that engagement was up. I was able to challenge them more. Students are forced out of their comfort zones when they are challenged to think, rather than passively absorb information. I was amazed at their tenacity and hard work this year. And finally, I have enjoyed this approach far more than droning on from the front of the class.





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Film study: Billy Elliot

This presentation is a lot more content-heavy than I normally like to produce. But there are just so many layers to this film. I feel quite excited about how my students are going to explore and discuss issues raised in this film. In addition, there is so much to discuss in terms of the cinematography. Clever transitions, claustrophobic shots and a brilliant soundtrack. Much of the content will be flipped so that we can get down to the higher order thinking and discussion.