My blog site reflects the teaching journey I have been on for the past five years. To clarify, I have been teaching for 27 years, nine of those being in New Zealand. It was in the last few years that our school introduced technology into the classroom and this new journey began. Along the way I have discovered a number of passions. One is for blogging. I feel that it is a vital tool for reflection, convenient to showcase evidence of great work, and invaluable for developing your Teaching as Inquiry model. In addition I became curious about flipped lessons and their effectiveness as a teaching and learning method. Since attending Mindlab, I have discovered the variety of ways of flipping. Blended learning is also a focus in my class. But that has become the norm, so perhaps it’s just learning. In 2015 I felt very fortunate to be included in the Apple Distinguished Educators programme. This forces me to constantly re-evaluate how I approach teaching and learning.

Here is a link to my multitouch books on iTunes. I am in the process of updating these to include some new material.


@Linda Rubens



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